Account Management

As a Lynx Products Corp. customer you can expect personalized service. Our sales and customer service teams work diligently to understand your company, your products and the markets you serve in order to ensure our products may be of benefit to you. They will remain in contact with you periodically to stay abreast of your wants and needs and to keep you informed of new product offerings. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Standard and Custom Products

Lynx Products Corp. understands that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all and that off the shelf answers may not apply to a particular application. Our customer service department will be happy to discuss your application needs with you in order to determine whether a standard component may be used or whether a custom component is required.

Product Stocking Options

Lynx Product’s Conveyor Components group stocks a variety of ANSI standard A-plate and B-Hub Sprockets, Compression Hubs and Bushings and Bearings used for sprockets, gears, sheaves, conveyor pulleys and rollers. If you need an item that isn’t currently a standard stocked item for us, we can discuss creating a stocking program for your particular components.

Innovative Manufacturing

Lynx Products Corp. continually seeks ways to improve manufacturing methods to reduce lead times and costs in order to remain an industry leading supplier of Materials Handling and Storage Products. Our product lines incorporate several proprietary pieces of equipment and manufacturing methods in order to maintain that status.

Quote Response

We understand that quote response time can sometimes mean the difference between landing that contract and losing it to a competitor. We make every effort to provide a timely and accurate quote for our products. Most of our stocked Power Transmission components can be quoted the same day, often over the phone. Custom Materials Handling and Storage products, specials and project work take longer.

Lead Time

Lynx Products Corp. can ship same to next day for Power Transmission components that are in stock. Non-stocked domestic components are generally 1-2 week lead items. We stock most of the commonly used sizes of sprockets and bearings for CDLR applications and compression hubs and bushings for conveyor pulleys , sheaves and sprockets.

“RUSH” Services

When your project schedule requires shorter lead times than our standard delivery or for that emergency situation, we also have rush services available. For those occasions, contact customer service to obtain rush delivery schedules and fees.

Direct Shipment Services

Product can be “Drop-shipped” to your customer with special tagging, blind shipments or utilizing your provided paperwork. This service can save you time and money in not having to receive, repackage and re-ship the product.

Order Quantities

In most cases there is no minimum order quantity on our products. There is a modest minimum order dollar amount. Please contact customer service to learn more.


Communication is a key element of our business. Beyond our keeping in touch by phone, we also:
– Provide electronic order confirmations.
– Provide electronic shipping notifications.
– Supply shipment tracking numbers as requested.
– Provide approval drawings for clarification or as requested for standard and custom products.

Lynx Products Corp. makes every effort to keep you informed about the progress of your order, and follows up periodically to make sure you are satisfied with our performance.

Total Quality Control

In today’s market quality is an understood expectation. Our products meet or exceed Industry Standards due in part to a MULTIPLE quality checkpoint inspection process. We promote a culture of quality mindedness and pride in work. That culture exists from the salesperson that makes the initial contact with you to the person that places your product on the truck to ship.


Lynx Products Corp. understands how competitive markets can be, and the need for discretion. Any information gathered about your company or products will be kept strictly confidential.